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Cloud Security

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As organizations continue to progress towards digital acceleration, their applications extend over several multiple clouds and virtual and physical data centers. This results in operational complexity, loss of visibility and risk of configuration errors, resulting in cybersecuritys risks. Teknologi Cloud Security services empowers those organizations to achieve digital acceleration by securing any application on any cloud and moving their business on-going without any obstruction.

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  • What is Cloud Security?
  • The Benefits
  • Why is Cloud Security important?

What is Cloud Security?

The term “cloud security” refers to a broad range of control-based technologies and policies used to safeguard the applications, infrastructure, and information related to cloud computing. Applications and data housed in the cloud must be protected with the same vigilance as those on-premises. Organizations can outsource administration of every component of the technology stack, including networking, servers, storage, virtualization, operating systems, middleware, runtime, data, and applications, through a cloud service provider.

The Benefits

Why is Cloud Security important?

Any company’s cloud infrastructure must be configured correctly and be constantly protected against cybercriminals in order to maintain effective security. Cloud security comes in handy in this situation. With cloud security, you can improve the level of protection for your digital assets and mitigate the risks associated with human error, reducing the likelihood that your organization will suffer a damaging loss. Given this context, cloud security is indispensable for all companies. By implementing cloud security correctly, companies can ensure business continuity and unlock many opportunities that the cloud environment offers.

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